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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 1, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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a march of millions. what may be the largest demonstration yet calling for the ouster of president mubarak as the crisis in egypt continues to build. winter's wrath. a massive and potentially deadly storm blankets much of the nation. some areas in the midwest could see up to two feet of snow and ice. and caught on tape. six pennsylvania teens arrested after a shocking bullying attack makes headlines. this is the "cbs morning news" makes headlines. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, p rk, february 1st. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm get betty nguyen. today egypt may witness its largest protest yet. a million people are being asked to take to the streets to help
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push president mubarak from office. protesters camped out in the heart of cairo overnight. they appear to have backing of the military which calls their demands legitimate and promises not to fire on the demonstrators. meanwhile are thousands of foreigners including americans are still trying to get out of the chaos. mark vaus man is in cairo with the latest. >> reporter: one of the protesters a million strong or something smaller, it should be the most mast sif show yet. people have begun pouring in to the square and will are long lines of more protesters pouring in. it promises to be quite a day. they're on their way to today's massive protest, what's been called the million man march, potentially the biggest show of public rejection mubarak would have ever seen. organizers have set high expectations and mubarak and the world will be watching. late last night, the egyptian government tried to diffuse the crisis on television, vice
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president suleiman pledged a public dialogue on constitutional reform. in most countries a dramatic gesture. here, too little, it too late. suleiman said the president asked me today to start communications with all opposition groups immediately to talk about constitutional reform. for the last week by the thousands egyptians have demanded that reform, demandeded radical change in their country's future. many groups lead the push, but they agree on one thing, mubarak must go. to protester, monday's most significant announcement came from egypt's army, it's would soldiers standing guard at these protests. for the second time, senior commanders promised no it the treat the protesters roughly. this army spokesman said your armed forces have not and will not use force against this great nation. that reassurance could encourage even more people to take to the street positive today's massive
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rally. new bear rick's claim to pour is costing kree gimts. banks are closed until thursday, the stock market is closed. the egyptian pound is floating and tourists scared are stam speeding to get out. >> with all of this happening, what is the relationship between the army and the protesters is this because in some pictures, we see them fighting. in others they lk look like they're on the same side. >> reporter: for the most part, they really are on the same side. the pictures of them fighting are either old or scattered. the army here is the most respected and popular institution and the commander announced they would not treat these protesters violently. if anything, they've become even more popular. as i've walked around, i see nothing but a very businesslike attitude on the part of soldiers checking i.d.s, but beyond that, no sign of confrontation between soldiers and protesters. >> as you walked around, what's been the reaction on the street to the planned talks the government wants to hold with opposition groups?
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is there any reason to think that that could end this crisis? >> reporter: i got to tell you, i think at this point it's all or nothing at all for these protesters. they're dug in. they are not going to listen to gestures, to small steps, to promises that they believe this only be broken. they want a change at the top. they want mubarak gone. >> the government in-s to clamp down on the internet. does this appear to be paying off or backfiring? >> reporter: a little bit of both. it makes it much harder for organizers to coordinate their daily protests, no question about that. the internet and social networking was a huge help. but it has also hurt mubarak in this sense. it has just ticked off protesters even more. one more complaint that they've add to a long list of gripes about how this regime does not understand them, does that let them express themselves and is
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not listening to their call that he step downthe egyptian govern accept political and economic change and push for free elections. well, as we have reported, thousands are trying to fleet unrest in egypt, about 1200 americans have been evacuated since the protests began. >> we are standing in the street to protect our homes and our neighborhood and we saw people breaking in houses, breaking atm machine. and it was horrible. >> people are fighting themselves on the streets vigilantes. i left my husband with six knives, whatever they can find, to defend their property. >> they describe scenes of chaos will on the streets and at the
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airport, in fact. those lucky enough to make to the airport have been stranded with little information. and sporadic flight schedules. in this country, a monster winter storm is grabbing headlines. forecasters are describing it as a weather system of historic proportions. it's expected to leah potentially deadly path of heavy snow and ice from the rockies to the mainland. some areas will see what's being called a mega blizzard. snowfall totals in places like milwaukee and st. louis could reach two feet with drifts up to ten feet high. chicago could see the third worst blizzard in terms of snowfall since they began keeping records. scott goldberg has more. >> reporter: all 500 carts were taken at this store in illinois as shoppers raced to stock up before the big storm. >> i wanted to get here before the massive snowstorm hit. >> so i'll be safe and not have to go out. >> reporter: across the state line in indiana, salt trucks and
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plows are at the ready for 24 hour duty to tame a monster winter storm. >> real ugly. >> reporter: forecasters say this storm will punish as many as 100 million americans from south dakota to south carolina. with ice, heavy snow, frigid temperatures and high winds. >> this this is a life and death kind of storm. if you don't pay attention, could you end up in big trouble with this storm. >> reporter: that's a last minute demand for snow blowers in chicago where blizzard watches warn warn of five to 10 foot snow drifts. >> you'll see between two to lee i thinks an hour for some locations which is just too much snow help. >> reporter: by tuesday the storm will be hitting the northeast where cities like new york just finished digging out from under the last storm. the city got 36 inches this month. it's the snowiest january on record and residents can't wait for to end. >> i'm pretty much -- i've had enough. i don't want to see anymore. not at all. >> reporter: but there are is a glimmer of hope in new york. the snow is expected to change to rain and melt some of the ice
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and snow that's been on the ground since the day after christmas. scott goldberg for cbs news, new york. in other news, the white house calls it a plain case of judicial overreacting. a second federal judge has rule that had president obama's health care overhaul is unconstitutional. unlike the first ruling against the law, a federal judge in florida ruled that the entire law was unconstitutional. at issue is the provision requiring mandatory coverage. the justice department says it will appeal. two other judges are upheld the law. the case is expected to end up in the supreme court. just ahead on the "morning news," actor charlie sheen and his latest chapter in rehab. plus, vicious bullying caught on tape. six teenagers arrested for you're watching the "cbs morning news." % [ male announcer ] whatever happened to style? ♪ where's the glamour gone?
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in new mexico, it's been snowing pretty hard since monday afternoon. forecasters say two more waves of snow are expected. and temperatures may drop to the coldest in 20 years. some teenagers in pennsylvania have been arrested for a bullying incident caught on video. on january 11th, cell phone video showed a 13-year-old boy being dragged through the snow. he was stuffed into a tree, then later hung by his jacket from a 7-foot high fence. on monday, police in philadelphia -- in a philadelphia suburb arrested six teenagers. >> when these bums and thugs intimidate their fellow students and make the streets unsafe, it's unconscionable. we're not going to tolerate it and they're going out in handcuffs. >> police are still looking for a seventh suspect. the victim was not injured. on the cbs "moneywatch," stocks in asia rebounded this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets got a boost.
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the nikkei added a fraction while the hang seng was also slightly higher. today wall street gets the latest on the construction and manufacturing sectors. monday strong corporate earnings overshadowed the turmoil overseas. the dow rose 68 points while the nasdaq added 13 points finishing the month with a gain of 2%. the crisis in egypt continues to push up the cost of crude oil. this morning the price topped $92 a barrel in asia and has now jumped more than 7% since the crisis began. while egypt is not a top producer, investors are worried that problems there could spread to other countries in the region. egypt also controls the suez canal, a critical shipping lane. that sent energy prices rising.
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profits rose more than 50% last quarter. last year the company earned more than $30 billion. a much different story for bp. this morning they announced a yearly loss of $2.7 billion following the oil disaster in the gulf. still they did make money in the fourth quarter and will resume paying dividends to shareholders, a practice they suspended after the spill. and you can now add facebook to your flight. on monday seven airlines, including american, united and delta, announced they would make the social network accessible in the air for free as long as you go to the go go in-flight internet. you want to use services other than facebook that will cost you anywhere from $5 to $13 per flight. and, betty, nothing will stand between you and your facebook now. >> nothing ever. or twitter. all right, ashley morrison here in new york, thanks, ashley. charlie sheen is doing his latest round of rehab at home. sheen's manager says he started rehab over the weekend after a hospital trip because of abdominal pain following a party, but now he has a team of
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dallas, sleet, windy, 26. and l.a., a sunny 65. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows cloudy skies from new mexico all the way to the east coast thanks to a huge storm system. a few areas of clear skies can be found over florida and up and down the west coast. later today, heavy snow and gusty winds will create blizzard conditions throughout parts of the midwest and all the way toward the great lakes. some places could see almost two feet of snow. a wintry mix of ice and freezing rain could cover several states along the ohio river valley and there are sunny and cold skies in the west coast today. in sports, miami hands cleveland another loss. dwyane wade of the heat had 34 points against the cavaliers and lebron james added 24 points against the team. miami beat cleveland 117-90. the cavaliers have lost 21 straight games and are nearing a record for defeats.
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brooke lopez scored 27 points against denver and even though carmelo anthony had 37 points, new jersey beat denver 115-99. and in college basketball, number three texas where i went to school rolled over number 16 texas a&m. jordan hamilton scored 20 points against the home state rivals. texas built a big lead for a 69-49 victory. and chris wright of number 13 georgetown had a season high 24 points. louisville missed a shot at the buzzer and georgetown hung on for the 62-59 win. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and egypt offline. how the disruption in the internet service may have backfired for the egyptian government. >> narrator: sports sponsored by just for men hair color. live forward. sponsored by
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as hundreds of americans try to escape the chaos. the new efforts to help stranded passengers get home. plus.. oakland tries again to open its doors to giant pot farms. how it's hoping to avoid legal trouble this time around. they're big and burdensome.. and we get them every year. why one bay area city wants to close the book on the yellow pages. and to tax.. or not to tax.. how the fate of california could come down to your vote.,,,,
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. some states will see blizzard conditions and others severe thunderstorms. arctic air will drop down and spread across much of the midwest. and the southeast stays mild for the time being with temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a monster winter storm is ready to strike a third of the nation. it stretches from the rockies to new england and could dump up to two feet of snow and ice on parts of the midwest. and anti-government organizers in egypt have called for a million people to protest the mubarak government today. foreigners are scrambling to leave egypt. so far more than 1200 americans have gotten out. staying connected online just got a lot tougher in egypt. late monday night, the last of egypt's main internet providers
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abruptly cut off services. daniel sieberg takes a closer look at how a whole country's online world went dark. >> reporter: the blackout was a surprising move for a nation previously known for being open compared to other countries in the mideast. >> i think what's unprecedented is the degree we've never seen such a connected country like egypt be disconnected from the internet. >> reporter: here is how it happened. in the united states, it's companies like comcast or time warner that provide internet access. the egyptian government told their internet service providers to shut down causing egypt to basically disappear off the internet map. telecom egypt went first just after midnight friday morning. and within six minutes, the five internet providers covering about 93% of the country went down. and have not come back. only two other countries have ever shut off so completely, nepal in 2005 and myanmar in 2007. >> it would have to be something pretty dramatic for the internet to shut down here. >> reporter: but congress is
4:22 am
considering a bill to expand the president's authority. >> the legislation says that the president would have the power to declare a cyber emergency and then the white house along with the department of homeland security would have the power to take control of certain key portions of the internet. >> reporter: holly pickett lives in cairo and says cutting off the online world may have backfired. >> when that happened and people realized that the internet had been shut off and the government had done this to them, this really angered people. >> reporter: but demonstrators also know that the internet can be a double-edged sword. before the shutdown, this 26 page protest manual warned protesters not to circulate information on social networks for fear the government would be watching. >> all of that can be very easily exploited. >> reporter: people are able to get around the internet ban the old fashioned way, by using a land line to dial up a connection to another country.
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daniel sieberg, cbs news, new york. this morning on "the early show," live updates from cairo. i'm betty nguyen. who thinks she might be at risk for heart disease and it could be time to listen to her heart. so she talked to her walgreens pharmacist who gave her a free blood pressure test and showed her how easy it is to do it herself at home. a message mary heard loud and clear. get a free blood pressure test any day in february at most walgreens and take care clinic locations. expertise. find it everywhere there's a walgreens. and take care clinic locations. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom, you get cash back on what you buy everyday. this is yours! thank you! that's 5% cash back in bonus categories every three months.
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scientists say for the first time they captured on video chimpanzees going through the grieving process. it shows a female chimp who lost her 16 month old baby watching over the child's body and at times making sure the body was deceased. the mother remained near the body for nearly an hour. researchers say the video provides unique insight into how primates learn about death. switching gears now to the latest offensive in the battle against obesity, two out of three americans are overweight or obese. an epidemic that is expected to send health care costs skyrocketing. on monday the federal government released new guidelines for a healthier diet that starts with shaking the salt habit. michelle miller reports. >> i like salt. >> reporter: she makes no
4:26 am
apologies for her taste in food. >> well, you know, i actually like sea salt and i like to dump a good handful in. >> reporter: but the usda is urging americans to wean themselves off excess sodium and improve their overall eating habits. >> this is a science based system and it's focused on calories in and calories out. >> reporter: the new dietary guidelines urges to double the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat. we get more than 800 calories from solid fats and added sugars. the guidelines say no more than between 200 and 300 calories of saturated fats. and they want us to double the amount of fish we normally eat. and drink water, not soda. at 81, edith williams could be the guideline's poster child. >> i never crave salt. i don't like a lot of salt. >> really? >> yeah. >> you're in the minority. >> yeah. >> reporter: the main goal? reducing sodium consumption for half the population.
4:27 am
people age 51 and older, african-americans, those suffering from certain chronic diseases and children should consume just 1500 milligrams of sodium a day. or about half a teaspoon. guidelines for the rest of us remain at 2300 milligrams. >> we need to get the food industry on board. >> reporter: nutritionist lisa young says the problem is the salt that's already in processed foods. >> how many of us going to super bowl parties will eat four or five handfuls. so three handfuls of pretzels and that's all the sodium for the entire day. >> reporter: i want my 15 chips. >> 14, 15. >> reporter: no, i got one more. i think i could stick to this. >> okay, good. most of us can't. >> reporter: that's why the government is now pressuring food companies to cut the salt in their products or face regulation. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. coming up later on "the early show," live reports and the latest track of that
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dangerous winter storm spanning a third of the country. also, save money on your grocery bill. we'll see why discount grocery stores are becoming more popular. and a new series kicks off as we find what our anchors always wanted to do. today erica hill shows us her artistic side. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm betty nguyen. thanks for watching. i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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